The Ghost of Electricity


The Ghost of Electricity is...

Songsmith/Guitarist/Singer/Producer/Audio Engineer/Writer

Ray McNamara is The Ghost of Electricity.
He started writing songs age 13 and swiftly picked up a guitar for 
accompaniment.  From a young age, Ray has immersed himself in one sound at a time, devouring artists by discography.  First The Beatles, then Nirvana, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Bjork, Wagner, Leonard Cohen, and Tom Waits.  Ray has always maintained a studious attitude towards music and relishes in the concept that a musician is an eternal work in progress, always striving to improve on what is already there. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music class of 2013. Now in his twenties, Ray has blossomed into an artist with a vision all his own. Penning more than 200 songs, playing with dozens of bands both as a leader and hired gun.  Under the alias The Ghost of Electricity, he continues to explore and stretch the boundaries of the popular song.

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